Ugo Nespolo signs the official image of the 40th TFF

To celebrate its 40th edition, the Torino Film Festival, directed by Steve Della Casa, decided to entrust the event’s coordinated image to the artist Ugo Nespolo.

Nespolo, who served as President of the National Museum of Cinema from 2011 to 2014, explains with this words the concept behind the image of the 40th edition:
“Now it is time to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Torino Film Festival, something unique in the panorama of festivals not only at a national level. It was born under the sign of innovation, made up of the scrupulous search for research films, the work of emerging authors, stylistic research and unprecedented content. The TFF has always avoided glorifying attitudes, red carpets and fashionable catwalks, attempting to reach the beating heart of cinema as an authentic expression of art. Because of this, the 40th anniversary should be a celebration, a visual game that runs without patterns and restraint through the body of cinema, away from the wrinkled foreheads of the severe schoolteachers, to embrace with affection Chien Andalou, Yellow Submarine, Kill Bill with Totò, A Clockwork Orange, Blues Brothers and much more. If art is really a game, cinema must be its essence”.

To enhance the power of the image created, the elements that make up the poster will also be presented in an urban art project, becoming real installations situated in different parts of the city.

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