38° Torino Film Festival


An initiation story: the story of Leonardo, the son of a shepherd who feels incapable to chat with the girl he loves, and Cesare, a tourist who has just shown in town. In his own terms, Cesare will teach Leonardo the right technique to exit the labyrinth of his fears and gain Nilde’s attention.

A journey torn into ghostly images, tied together through Hazem’s stories. Hazem is a young rollerblader who has been separated from Gaza. To Hazem the new adjustment is as generous as it’s full of griefs, to us it might be the beginning of a journey to fall in love with the stranger again.” (E. Bisogno)

A small isolated village is dying. It is inhabited by few elders and a single pregnant woman. One day the woman tried to escape, but in the run, she has caught by the labour pain. The inhabitants will then force her to give birth in the village square, a sacrifice that recalls a fertility ceremony.

A mother is working as a caretaker for elder people at their residences, where the ticking signals the working day, and sounds heighten the fear of the void… I’ve collected the “voices” of my district in order to assemble a sound archive that could deliver moods and wishes of it.” (L.G. Nese).

In a faraway land, spirits repose below canopies, ignoring the extinction of mankind. To distract themselves
they pinch and lacerate themselves, after which they recompose themselves emitting small cries or long howls. Elsewhere, odd customs endure, such as the ancestral ritual of the magic lantern.

In South Italy, surrounding the Vesuvius, a railway runs as startled as its motherland. People touch each other in a movement that blurs them into the landscape. They transform train stations in spaces where life is delayed. The story of the Neapolitan railway; a film on human and
urban environment on the outskirts, and the vitality of its people.

From within his car, Pasolini is observing Italian society in decay under the neo-fascist danger of consumerism and development. An animated short, shaped with Dadaistic and hallucinatory traits, which represents some of the mature comments that Pasolini made on the Italian society of the 1970s.

Eighty years have passed since the monumental exhibition of “Altrove” was inaugurated and then quickly closed again in Naples, due to the war. The discovery of a family letter launches a journey to find the missing grandfather who disappeared in that same war. An exploration on the cultural formation and persistence of western colonial thought.

A couple is making out on the seashore, a monster observes them from the water, a man kills two other monsters and the movie begins: a list of names, a list of friends, a list of monsters… The suicide of underground culture. A short film by La Spezia photographer Jacopo Benassi, former collaborator of Paolo Sorrentino.