38° Torino Film Festival


Six riot police people execute an eviction in the centre of Madrid that gets complicated and ends up with a death. An Internal Affairs team will be in charge of investigating the facts and the six riot police people will face a manslaughter change. The group of agents will look for a way out on their own that ends up separating them and further complicating the situation. Laia, one of the Internal Affairs agents, becomes so obsessed with the case that she will discover that after the ill-fated eviction there is much more. First two episodes of the Spanish tv series Antidisturbios (Riot Police), celebrate critical and audience success.

A renowned health supplement company, run by a ruthless businesswoman, is selecting and abducting young women as part of an experiment bio-hacking babies’ DNA to enable her clients to reverse the aging process. When young, goal-driven Mia sets out to investigate this shady business, she ends up getting trapped in the human farm’s perverse web. Familiar faces start to appear, and she realizes that she is not alone in this. Can she somehow find inner strength and escape from the nightmare?

Louise and Michael are sister and brother. When they return to their family farm to accompany their father toward his inevitable death, they realize that their mother is suffering deeply, and not only because of her husband’s condition. As the days go by and the suffering increases, the two siblings begin to have nightmares and they start to believe that something evil is possessing the entire family. Four years after The Monster, Bryan Bertino directs a rural horror movie with a powerful supernatural ambience.

After the latest bender, on his way home in the middle of the night, Barry, a drug-addicted father and husband, is kidnapped by an alien spacecraft. An alien, after a series of procedures, takes possession of his body and begins wandering the desolate streets of Cape Town, learning about the weird and fascinating habits of humans. Following the pattern of a lysergic road movie, Barry gets involved in activities never tried before, such as smoking meth or going to a rave, in what can be called a cocktail of sex and violence. However, the alien could not imagine the physical limits of the human body.

A young Muslim woman runs away from her aunt and uncle’s house desperate for a new life, but quickly finds that she must survive on the street. When she meets a disturbed young man from Coney Island dons the menacing “Funny Face” mask that seeks revenge on the Real Estate Developer that has displaced his grandparents, her fate is sealed. Misfit avengers in a changing city, the two embark on a neighborhood odyssey that brings danger, love, and tragedy.

May Ryer is the author of self-help books that aren’t selling like they used to. One night a masked stranger breaks into her home, but despite the shock May does not get support from her husband Ted, present at the time of the attack but essentially indifferent to the fact, or from the policeman who actually says they’re lucky things didn’t go worse. Then things do become worse as the attacker – who seems to have supernatural properties – appears again and again, continuing to terrorize May. Anyway, all around her May meets indifference and condescension.

After his father’s death, Wayne is in an upscale hotel in Montreal and suddenly realizes he isn’t alone. It is the beginning of a difficult night during which the man finds himself facing his deepest demons.

A small town in Siberia is quarantined for several months. People are dying of a mysterious illness, the source of which lies hidden in the water. The survivors hide in their apartments, but the contaminated water flows through their homes. Self-defence groups and despondent loners hunting their own kind roam through the empty streets. In an attempt to save her mother’s life, the heroine ventures out into the unknown, so that she can overcome her fear and attempt to rekindle her relationship with the outside world, which is now humanity’s mortal enemy.

During a violent snowstorm, Paul, a bar owner in a small Canadian town, has just closed his bar when Steve, a tramp with a load of bags, asks to come in. After the initial tension between the two, Steve tells the bartender a story to settle an old debt between them. It is the story of another snowy night, another bar, The Oak Room, and another bartender whom an unknown guy visits shortly after closing time. But even within this story there is another one, and then yet another one. The night turns into a dark tale, between violence and identity exchanges.

The film is an abstract and visual adaptation of Noël Carroll’s book with the same title published in 1990, which proposes a careful examination of the film genre. Péter Lichter and Bori Máté use the decayed, hand-painted 35mm film of the classic horror movie A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and of the sequel A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985) to propose a reflection on horror through an experimental audiovisual product.

Three “astronauts” wander through the snowy, silent and imposing mountains. Within this short film, the landscape becomes material for experimentation: with its textures, its colors and the images’ tempos. In just forty minutes, the director of Murder Me, Monster constructs a fascinating existentialist piece that transforms the screen into a canvas; and the earth into a sort of frozen planet.

Ang, a trans prostitute with a pretty, feminine voice, is assigned to her irregular job, an undercover spy. She disguises herself as a cis-masculine man to form a romantic relationship with Jit, a belligerent yet idealistic student activist with an evil voice. Ang needs to extract the important information regarding the whereabouts of Miss Josh, a Hong Kong-Uighur activist taking refuge in Thailand. Apolitical at first, Ang is slowly awakened by Jit to see the other world where people speak in another way.