37TFF Opening Night

Less than 48 hours and it’s going to be Torino Film Festival time. For the 37th time. Inauguration will happen on Friday Nov. 22nd with the screening of the dark comedy Jojo Rabbit (USA, 2019), starring Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell and young Roman Griffin Davies and directed by New Zealander director Taika Waititi, who attended TFF’s feature competition in 2014 with What We Do in the Shadows, honoured with the best screenplay award. A surreal satire of nazism, a peculiar coming of age story, in which the protagonists, a proud and faultless member of the Hitler Youth, has to deal with a degenerate mothe, hiding a Jew teenager at home. A thorny situation, but the he can lean on an imaginary friend, more unique than rare (luckily): the Fürher himself. Jojo Rabbit, that made its debut at Toronto International Film Festival 2019, gaining the Grolsch People’s Choice Award, will be sceened simultaneously at Cabiria, Rondolino and Soldati Halls of Cinema Massimo, following the Opening Ceremony, that will start at 7.30 pm.

Then a cocktail party at Mole Antonelliana.

Both events are invitation only.