ADVANCE NEWS ABOUT THE 39th TFF – The patroness will be the actress Emanuela Fanelli

The patroness of the festival will be Emanuela Fanelli, a talented and multi-faceted actress and author. Her intelligence, flair, and elegance will light up the festival’s inaugural and closing ceremonies, as well as a few special moments.


The pathway of research and precise artistic determination thatEmanuela Fanelli has constructed through her bold choices is particularly in line with the independent and free vocation of the movies and filmmakers that participate at Turin’s festival. Over the years, her ability to pinpoint an authorial and original line in every artistic field she has explored (film, theatre, TV, radio, the web) has allowed her to construct strong, iconic, and complex characters who offer unusual outlooks on current topics of contemporary society and the role of artists. Her recent movies include her starring role in Siccità,Paolo Virzì’s most recent film, soon to be released.


“The past year and a half has been hard on everybody, on a human and a professional level.Cinema, theatre, show business in general and its workers are among the hardest struck and most affected from many points of view, not least psychologically. The Director of the Torino Film Festival probably had a nervous breakdown and that’s why he chose me to be the patroness of this year’s festival. Although I am very happy and honored, I hope he’ll get better soon and become his usual, carefree and fun-loving self once again.”


Emanuela Fanelli was born in Rome and began acting onstage as an adolescent. She debuted in film in 2015 in Non essere cattivo (Don’t Be Bad) by Claudio Caligari and continued her film career in movies by Massimiliano Bruno, Laura Morante, Augusto Fornari, andClaudio Bonivento. In 2016, she starred in the TV series Dov’è Mario? with Corrado Guzzanti. Since 2016, she has played various characters in Lillo & Greg’s radio program 610 on Rai Radio 2. For television, she performed two monologues on La tv delle ragazze – Gli Stati Generali (2018) and Stati Generali (2020), hosted by Serena Dandini (Rai3). On Rai2, she was one of the stars of Giovanni Benincasa’s program Battute? (2019) and in 2020 and 2021, always with Benincasa, she collaborated as a host, actress, and author on the program Una pezza di Lundini,with Valerio Lundini. In late 2019, she was the star of the video clip Immigrato, a song by Checco Zalone that was written for the release of the movie Tolo Tolo. She participated at the Sanremo Music Festival in 2021 as a guest at the third evening dedicated to covers. She has won a series of awards, including a special mention for best actress and best monologue at the festival Ciak, si Roma! (the jury members were Carlo Verdone, Daniele Luchetti, and Lina Wertmüller) and best actress at the 48h Film Project for her role in the short Un film d’amore.

She is one of the stars of Paolo Virzì’s new feature film Siccità, soon to be released and produced by Wildside and Vision Distribution.