by Lautaro García Candela
Country: Argentina
Year: 2022
Duration: 90'

Pablo and Florencia work on Florida Street, the economic and tourist epicentre of Buenos Aires. Economic difficulties affect their life together. Pablo, in order to survive, begins to clandestinely smuggle dollars in the street. Taking advantage of the imminence of a currency crisis they will try to strike the blow that will take them out from the street once and for all.


film director

Lautaro García Candela

(Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1994) studied at the Universidad del Cine. His debut feature, I Love You So Much That I Just Don’t Know, premiered at BAFICI 2018 in the Avant-Garde & Genre Official Competition, participated in Festifreak (where it won the award for Best Argentine Film) and the Málaga Film Festival. It was also screened at the Anthology Film Archives in New York and the Cinemateca Portuguesa in Lisbon. In 2022 he directed Money Exchange!, his second feature film, premiered in the International Competition of the 37th Mar del Plata Film Festival. He is also the director of the film magazine “La vida útil.”


La isla desierta (cm, 2015), Te quiero tanto que no sé (2018), Cambio cambio (2022).


film director

“Money Exchange! comes from walking downtown Buenos Aires all the time. It’s a place where tourists, currency exchange centers, offices, banks, that is, all the typical wheeling and dealing, converge. Through the eyes of all the passers-by, I can see the dream of “saving” oneself from a devastating economy. That world, typical of economists and experts, appears to be incomprehensible, but the characters in Money Exchange! turn it into a concrete space of action, with a certain ease and a sense of community.”


& Credits

DIRECTOR, SCREENPLAY: Lautaro García Candela. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Joaquín Neira. EDITING: Ramiro Sonzini, Lautaro García Candela. PRODUCTION DESIGN: Santino Mondini Rivas. COSTUME DESIGN: Mia Cassaretto, Rocío Prat Gay. MUSIC: Dante de Luca. SOUND: Javier Fernandez Jensen. CAST: Ignacio Quesada, Camila Peralta, Valeria Santa, Mucio Manchini, Dario Levy. PRODUCERS: Juan Segundo Álamos, Iván Moscovich, Magdalena Schavelzon, Pablo Piedras. PRODUCTION: 36 caballos, Gong Cine.

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