Country: Italy
Year: 1987
Duration: 38'

A surreal fable, based on two parallel stories: a solitary man walks down streets where the city ends and the countryside begins, as people begin to fill the bleachers of a stadium. When the crowd is ready to watch the match and the referee blows the starting whistle, the man reaches a cemetery and digs a grave. His work as a grave digger is accompanied by the cheers of the crowd. The sharp sounds of the shovel accompany the sounds from the stadium. An episode of the anthological series Quaderni di città, it aired on January 20, 1987.


film director

Sergio Citti


& Credits

DIRECTOR: Sergio Citti. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Ennio Zincone. EDITING: Marcello Martinelli. PRODUCTION: RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana.