by Margherita Spampinato
Country: Italy
Year: 2009
Duration: 19'

Tommasina is ninety-two years old but she’s convinced that she’s
eighteen and that she still has her whole life ahead of her. She wants
to enroll at the university and become a teacher. The old woman tries
to remember her life but she can’t place her memories in their proper
timeframe. As she mixes up the present and the past, the living and
the dead exist together in a single, imaginary time. Her day illustrates
the sad reality of Alzheimer’s disease. The idea of memory as identity
comes through in Tommasina’s words, “You can’t live without

“Where does the identity of a human being reside? In a person’s face,
in his past, in his memory? Or maybe somewhere deeper, more
intimate and secret? It’s not important knowing who Tommasina
was in the first part of her life and maybe it doesn’t matter knowing
who she has become today, now that she has lost her memory.
But for those who want to know, Tommasina was a strong,
independent and resourceful woman. Still today, she throws herself
into everything she does. Because, even if she has forgotten her past,
she is still herself.”


film director

Margherita Spampinato

Margherita Spampinato (Palermo, Italy, 1979) graduated in show arts and
sciences from the Università la Sapienza of Rome. For two years she participated at the Enzimi Digital Desk workshop, helping to make Nina, the short by Marco Bellocchio, and Terrazzi by Stefano Reali. In 2002 she had a oneyear
apprenticeship in two production companies in Paris, S.P.A.C.E. Productions and Chance Productions. In France, she worked as production assistant on various films. In 2003, she worked as director’s assistant for the TV series Distretto di polizia 4. Since 2003, she has been script supervisor for various Italian productions, including Grido by Pippo Delbono, Salty Air by Alessandro Angelini, I Vicerè by Roberto Faenza and Gli amici del bar Margherita by Pupi Avati.


Tommasina (cm, doc., 2008).


& Credits

regia, sceneggiatura/
director, screenplay
Margherita Spampinato
Claudio Cofrancesco
montaggio/film editing
Francesca Bracci
Tommasina Corica