by Yonatan Haimovich
Country: Israel
Year: 2009
Duration: 50'

During the Seventies, a large population of Soviet Union Jews moved to Jerusalem, where they founded a community that didn’t open up readily to its new context. Very little of this community still remains: many people have died, others no longer live in the neighborhood. A man returns to those streets in search of pieces of his childhood in the faces and the habits that are impressed in his memory. But time has run its course and the social fabric, once so closely-knit, has unraveled and the old community has dispersed.

“At the start of shooting I went back, after many years, to the building where I grew up, in order to meet the veteran residents who still live there. I chose to film each of these persons separately, in her or his apartment, while engaged in everyday activities, and through these scattered fragments I attempted to compose a picture of their shared inner reality. In this sense, the focus of the movie is not the filmed persons themselves, but the experience of an endless journey back home.”


film director

Yonatan Haimovich

Yonatan Haimovich (Jerusalem, Israel, 1976) was born the year his family arrived in Israel from the former Soviet Union. Before starting in filmmaking he had worked in a variety of jobs, from construction work to management of study programs of continuing education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. After completing his studies for a Master’s Degree in history and philosophy at the Hebrew University, he enrolled for film studies at Sapir College. Resisim is his first film.


Resisim (Fragments, mm, doc., 2009).


& Credits

regia, fotografia/director,
Yonatan Haimovich
sceneggiatura, produttori/
screenplay, producers
Meital Gambasho,
Yonatan Haimovich
montaggio/film editing
Ophir Raul Graizer
Yuri Pryimenko
Sapir College
vendita all’estero/
world sales
J.M.T. Films Distribution &
Worldwide Sales