by Francis Ford Coppola
Country: USA
Year: 1983
Duration: 94'

Sixteen-year-old Rusty James, whose mother abandoned him and whose father is an alcoholic ex-lawyer, lives in veneration of his older brother, “the motorcycle boy,” who had been the leader of a gang during their heyday but has since left for California. One day, Rusty finds himself involved in yet another fight but he is saved by his brother, who came back suddenly after being away for two months. Despite the presence of his brother, Rusty continues to drink and get into fights until one night his idolized brother breaks into a pet store to free the Siamese fighting fishes in the aquarium and is senselessly killed by a policeman. The moment has arrived for Rusty to take his brother’s motorcycle and leave for California.

“Rumble Fish will be to The Outsiders what Apocalypse Now was to The Godfather. You could say it’s an art film for kids. You could s ay it’s kind of an existentialist beatnik movie. If someone asked me to show a film that I made that I liked, I would perhaps show Rumble Fish.”


film director

Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola (Detroit, MI, USA, 1939) after specializing in direction at the UCLA, he debuted in 1963 with Dementia 13, before directing movies like The Godfather, The Conversation, The Godfather - Part II, winner of six Oscars (for best movie and best director) and Apocalypse Now, winner of the Golden Palm in Cannes 1979. During the 1980s he made various films, including Rumble Fish and Cotton Club. In 1992 he received the Golden Lion for lifetime achievement in Venice and during the same year he directed Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Among the last movies directed by him: Youth Without Youth and Tetro, presented at the 2009 Torino Film Festival. 


filmografia essenziale/essential filmography

Dementia 13 (Terrore alla tredicesima ora, 1963), You’re a Big Boy Now (Buttati Bernardo!, 1966), The Godfather (Il Padrino, 1972), The Conversation (La conversazione, 1974), The Godfather - Part II (Il Padrino - Parte II, 1974), Apocalypse Now (id., 1979), Rumble Fish (Rusty il selvaggio, 1983), The Cotton Club (Cotton Club, 1984), Gardens of Stone (Giardini di pietra, 1987), The Godfather - Part III (Il padrino - Parte III, 1990), Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Dracula di Bram Stoker, 1992), The Rainmaker (L’uomo della pioggia, 1997), Youth Without Youth (Un’altra giovinezza, 2007), Tetro (Segreti di famiglia, 2009), Twixt (2011).


& Credits

Francis Ford Coppola
soggetto/story dall’omonimo romanzo di/from the novel of the same title by Susan Eloise Hinton
Francis Ford Coppola, Susan Eloise Hinton
Stephen H. Burum
montaggio/film editing
Barry Malkin
scenografia/production design
Dean Tavoularis
costumi/costume design
Marge Bowers
Stewart Copeland
Richard Beggs
interpreti e personaggi/cast and characters
Matt Dillon (Rusty James), Mickey Rourke (quello della moto/Motorcycle Boy), Diane Lane (Patty), Dennis Hopper (il padre/Father), Diana Scarwid (Cassandra), Vincent Spano (Steve), Nicolas Cage (Smokey), Chris Penn (B.J. Jackson), Laurence Fishburne (Midget), William Smith (il poliziotto/ Cop Patterson), Michael Higgins (il signor/Mr Harrigan), Glenn Withrow (Biff Wilcox), Tom Waits (Benny), Sofia Coppola (Donna)
Doug Claybourne, Fred Roos
Zoetrope Studios, Hotweather Films