Two places for the foundation of Italian cinema.Turin, where our cinema has taken its first steps; Cinecittà, where its mythology was born.It will be for this common election that the Torino Film Festival and Istituto Luce-Cinecittà have always known a natural collaboration, especially under the sign of the great documentary. A relationship that is renewed this year, with the archive pills that Luce-Cinecittà brings to the Torino Film Festival, in a year of important changes. 12 very small films from a minute or so, with images taken from the immense Archivio Storico Luce, to tell Turin and Piedmont as they once were and as many spectators perhaps have never seen. It goes from a Piazza Castello of 1912, to a day in costume on the Po in ’29. From the world songs of a century ago, to a pre-war truffle fair in Alba. From the disturbing order of the girls of the Littoria Youth parade in front of Göring’s sister, to the discreet beauty – despite the too-set speaker – of the Festival of San Michele. Until you see, as perhaps never so closely, the big star on top of the Mole, the new symbol of the Festival. Magic of the cinema and the Archive: show us as new something that has been in the film for decades, and with History also make us dream.


Project by Nathalie Giacobino

Edited by David Paparozzi



Turin city of art (1912)

Sparkling wine industry (1925)

Soccer match Juventus 2 – Sparta 1 (1931)

Bathing life on the banks of the Po (1929)

The largest swimming pool in Europe in Acqui (1932)

Le mondine piemontesi all’opera (1933)

Fire Department exercise on Mole Antonelliana (1933)

Turin, the canonization of Don Bosco (1934)

The Festival of San Michele in Val di Susa (1937)

The Carpano Cup of cross-country skiing in Val di Susa (1937)

X Truffle Fair in Alba (1938)

Parade of GIL women’s departments in Turin (1939)