Radioamarcord – Fellini on air

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Federico Fellini, the project RadioAMARCORD offers an underwater part of the artistic repertoire of the director Rimini: his radio production. 

At the beginning of the ’40s Fellini began to collaborate with the Italian Radio Auditions Agency (EIAR, whose general direction was in Turin) as radio author. Alone, or paired with Ruggero Maccari, he wrote dozens of scripts: sketches, fantasies, magazines, small comedies that effectively mark his debut in the world of entertainment. On the occasion of the Turin Film Festival will be staged four of these scripts, kept in the Archive Federico Fellini – Municipality of Rimini. With the transformation of noise into human voices and their dreamy stretches, these texts also represent in audio format a significant cross-section of the poetic and visionary universe of Fellini.

RadioAMARCORD is the brainchild of Sergio Ferrentino created by RETE2 of Radio Svizzera Italiana.

The short live version of Udiodrammi is: At night things speak, A love letter, From the window and A very sensitive gentleman. Texts by Federico Fellini and Ruggero Maccari. Original music by Gianluigi Carlone. Directed by Sergio Ferrentino.

With Alessandro Castellucci, Daniele Ornatelli, Eleni Molos, Maurizio Pellegrini, Carlotta Viscovo, Dario Sansalone. Assistant director: Luca Bozzoli. Production assistant: Caterina Mariani. Audio technician: Luca Masiero. Production: Fonderia Mercury.

Follow the live Thursday 26 November at 21.00 on the official facebook page of the Festival.

The video will also be available on the Youtube channel.