Three performances, three historical places, three reasons not to stop dreaming.

The First Act takes place at Le Roi dancing, where the musicteller Federico Sacchi, accompanied by the Ukulele Turin Orchestra, tells the great musician Bill Withers through the legendary song Lean on me.

In Act Two, in the evocative setting of cinema and theater Maffei, the satirical author Teresa Cinque presents Frida and Barbie, or ironic reflections on the relationship between cinema and female image that not even the pandemic has affected. The musical accompaniment is provided by the Ukulele Turin Orchestra.

The Third Act, set at the Massimo cinema, is Explora, a dreamlike journey created by Project-TO, the duo formed by the composer and multimedia artist Riccardo Mazza and the photographer and videomaker Laura Pol. The spatial coordinates are gesturally controlled in real time and historical images of ballrooms, chosen in the Archive of the Light Institute, connect the past with the future becoming the space within which everything moves.

The musical commentary is generated in live-coding and constitutes the fourth dimension, the temporal one: pulsation and amplitude of sound affect the images, contaminating the visual plane.

Video direction and editing: Federico Mazzi. Production assistant and direction: Giorgia Lodato. Artistic curator: Maurizio Mao Pisani.

Sponsored by Diplomático

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