Stella della Mole Award for artistic innovation to Isabella Rossellini

New to this edition is the Stella della Mole Prize for artistic innovation that will be awarded every year to artists who contribute in an original, universal and timeless culture to the cinema.

The Torino Film Festival this year awards the Stella della Mole Prize for artistic innovation to Isabella Rossellini as recognition for her inexhaustible creativity, the exploration of all forms of art and the immeasurable ability to transform. With its elegant grace, refinement and intrepid ability to explore new horizons it has brought beauty in every form of art, from cinema to theater, to music videos, to fashion. Isabella Rossellini is loved and appreciated all over the world for her original, universal and timeless art.

The Stella della Mole Award, the highest award awarded to the winners of the Torino Film Festival, is designed from the drawings of architects Ferdinando Cartella and Giuseppe Mura thanks to the collaboration with Politecnico di Torino and Competence Industry Manifacturing 4.0, the pole constituted by the two Turin universities together with 23 industrial partners for the diffusion of competences tied to Industry 4.0. The award is made of aluminum, 3D, with the technique of additive manufacturing or additive manufacturing that would allow you to “create” the object anywhere using digital data. A great opportunity in terms of environmental sustainability.