Cinema d’aQCua: screening and award ceremony

Cinema d’aQCua is the new competitive section established by sponsor QC Terme to present 10 Italian shorts dealing with the narrative topic of water. Selected works will be screened this afternoon at Cinema Reposi 1 at h. 5.30 pm (free entrance). The winning title will be awarded with 1000 euros.

The program of Cinema d’aQCua 2019 is:

Apnea by Irene Von Dorigotti (Italy, 2019, 10’)

Apollo 18 by Marco Renda (Italy, 2019, 8’)

Cai Dŵr Apă Tuk by Matteo Passerini (Italy, 2019, 5’)

La conseguenza del tempo by Eugenio Sciola (Italy, 2019, 3’)

Espressioni d’acqua by Simone Careddu (Italy, 2019, 2’)

Fontanelle by Giuseppe Zimmardi (Italy, 2019, 2’)

I giganti dell’acqua by Massimo De Pascale, Andrea Zambelli (Italy, 2019, 7’)

Goccia by Silvia Selvi (Italy, 2019, 2’)

Kepler2-18B by Fabio Palmieri (Italy, 2019, 3’)

Vapori di’infanzia nell’acqua by Roberto Di Vito (Italy, 2019, 4’)