Torino Film Festival & Lingua Madre

The Torino Film Festival participates in the 15th edition of the national literary competition Lingua Madre, a permanent project of the Piemonte Region and Salone Internazionale del Libro, created by Daniela Finocchi.

The Torino Film Festival Special Prize, awarded to a foreign author of the story best suited for being made into a film script, will be awarded on Saturday May 16, at 11:45 am, during the online edition of the book fair.

The jury awarded Narcissa V. Ewans, the Polish author of the novel “The Nightingale in the Cherry Orchard Does Not Chirp'” with the following acknowledgement:

“This is the most suitable story to be transposed into a cinematographic work because of its narrative synthesis and powerful dramaturgy. Beautiful and intense: it gives the opportunity to know in depth courageous lives that affirm their rich interior life with great dignity and imagination through writing.  From its prose, a vital energy is released that admirably exploits the potential of the Italian language.” Stefano Francia di Celle, Director of the Torino Film Festival.

The short story will be published in the anthology Lingua Madre Duemilaventi – Racconti di donne straniere in Italia (Edizioni SEB27), to be published in the autumn of 2020.

The award ceremony can be viewed live on the website