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30th TFF: awards

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The Jury of TORINO 30 - Feature Film Competition of the 30. Torino Film Festival -, composed of Paolo Sorrentino (President, Italy), Karl Baumgartner (Germany), Franco Piersanti (Italy), Constantin Popescu (Romania), Joana Preiss (France), awards the following prizes:


Best Film (20.000 €) to:

by Scott Graham (UK, 2012, 87’)


Special Jury Award ex-aequo (8.000 €) to:

NOI NON SIAMO COME JAMES BOND di Mario Balsamo (Italy, 2012, 73’)


PAVILION di Tim Sutton (USA, 2012, 72’)


Best Actress Award, in collaboration with «Max», to:


by Pola Beck (Germany, 2012, 86’)


Best Actor Award, in collaboration with «Max», to: 


by Emyr ap Richard, Darhad Erdenibulag (Mongolia, 2012, 90’)







The Jury of INTERNAZIONALE.DOC of the 30. Torino FIlm Festival, composed of Susana de Sousa Dias (Portugal), Hila Peleg (Israel) and James Quandt (Canada), with the following premise:


We congratulate the programme committee of the international documentary section for the excellence of this year’s selection. The innovativeness of all the films reflects the  important project to redefine the nature of documentary filmmaking, one of the festival’s most significant achievements.

The jury initially decided to present an ex-aequo award to two films, reflecting  passionate consensus rather than compromise. We were convinced that our two choices are equal in their audacity, originality, and their challenge to our perceptions of the way cinema constructs reality. Despite the two films’ superior level of achievement, the jury was forced by festival rules to choose only one film.

Therefore, the international documentary Jury confers its award:


Best Film (7.000 €) to:

A ÚLTIMA VEZ QUE VI MACAU by João Rui Guerra da Mata and João Pedro Rodrigues

(Portugal/France, 2012, 85’)



For its complex engagement with cultural history, and its haunting evocation of personal and collective memory.


To reflect our passionate admiration for its totally unique achievement, we hereby establish and present a

Special Prize to:

LEVIATHAN by Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel (UK/France/US, 2012, 87’)


One of the most original works in contemporary cinema.





The Jury of ITALIANA.DOC of the 30. Torino FIlm Festival, composed of Carlo A. Bachschmidt (Italy), Luca Pastore (Italy) and Elfi Reiter (Italy) awards the following prizes:


Best Film, in collaboration with Persol (7.000 €) to:

I DON'T SPEAK VERY GOOD, I DANCE BETTER by Maged El Mahedy (Egypt/Italy, 2012, 80’)



For returning us the fragmented chaos of today in a story that becomes a personal testimony of collective themes, such as culture, health, identity, family, socio-political participation, making us “feel” the noises of the world.

Special Jury Award (3.000 €), to:

FATTI CORSARI by Stefano Petti and Alberto Testone (Italy, 2012, 79’)



A film that embodies Pasolini’s poetics with a self-ironic and profound journey through the dream of cinema and the condemnation of the social condition of a working-class district that remains unchanged.

Special Mention, to:

LA SECONDA NATURA by Marcello Sannino (Italy, 2012, 58’)



A civilized scream expressed through Gerardo Marotta’s words, inviting us to be the protagonists of a revolution aiming to regain the State’s value intended as a common good, and not as a private interest.




The Jury of ITALIANA.CORTI - Italian Short Film Competition - of the 30. Torino Film Festival, composed of Ilaria Fraioli (Italy), Mario Masini (Italy) and Francesco Munzi (Italy), awards the following prizes:


Best Film (5.000 €), to:

SPIRITI by Yukai Ebisuno, Raffaella Mantegazza (Italy, 2012, 11’)


For introducing us to the resistance of a small indigenous community in Honduras with its clear and engaging outlook. The spirits evoked by the protagonist emerge through an succession of living portraits authenticated by a setting that is both conscious and visually inspired.


Special Jury Award - Kodak Award (3.000 € in film stock), to:

IN NESSUN LUOGO RESTA by Maria Giovanna Cicciari (Italy, 2012, 11’)


The volcano’s tremors and smoke, an abandoned town, images of artworks that resist the passing of time and people who resist time only through images. Free film associations and sound manipulations permitting a personal and unexpected stream of consciousness.


Special Mention, to:

UN MONDO MEGLIO CHE NIENTE by Cobol Pongide and Marco Santarelli (Italy, 2012, 39’)


With its journey through time and space, this film creates an occasion to ponder on our contemporary period; both the choice of words and the cinematographic form contribute to this reflection. 



SPAZIO TORINO /Short Film Competition for directors born or living in Piedmont


Chicca Richelmy Award for the Best Film ( 2.500 €; offered by Association Chicca Richelmy) in collaboration with “La Stampa” - “Torino Sette” - Achille Valdata Award, to:

IL MARE DI BEPPE by Carlo Cagnasso (Italy, 2012, 5’)


For the director’s careful attention to the images used to tell the story of a man and his places.




The Jury of the CIPPUTI AWARD, composed of Francesco Tullio Altan (Italy), Antonio Albanese (Italy) and Michele Serra (Italy) awards the following prize:


PREMIO CIPPUTI 2012, Best Film about Working World, to:

NADEA E SVETA by Maura Delpero (Italy, 2012, 62’)



Nowadays, Cipputi is frequently a woman, a foreigner, someone alone: the toils of working compounded with the strains of living far from ones beloved. Alienation is more similar to a rip and a sense of disorientation than to an assembly chain. Who knows how many times we happened to see in our cities two foreign women waiting for the bus, with their smiles on their worn out faces, their lumpish clothes, and their incomprehensible language. How many times have we seen them without really looking at them, without even asking ourselves what language they are speaking and what their story is? To see well, to see better, we need patience.

Maura Delpero, an Italian woman, has given such look (hers and ours) the time necessary to enter the world of Nadea and Sveta, two women from Moldova who migrated to Bologna. They are friends. They are mothers of children far away. They stay by the side of our elderly and far from their own. Where’s home? Where’s work? And where are the children? What life is it if you have to choose between work and health, and between work and maternity? Nevertheless, there’s strength in Nadea and Sveta. Yet, in the strenuous details of their days (caregiving, the bench, the dance hall, the phone call) there’s a light: it’s infinitely stronger than in all of our neurotic privileges. Maura Delpero was able to convey that light.




The Jury of the BASSAN ARTS & CRAFTS AWARD Prize for Best Production Design awarded by the Italian Production Designer and Costume Designer Association (1.500 €) composed of Paolo Virzì (Italy), Anna Lombardi (President of the Production Designer Association), Alida Cappellini and Giovanni Licheri (Production Designer), award the following prize:


Lina Nordqvist, head of production design for CALL GIRL

by Mikael Marcimain (Sweden/Ireland/Norway/Finland, 2012, 140’)



The extraordinary blend of photography, costumes, settings, decorations, and direction.

In a moment of absentmindedness, we thought the movie was really shot in the late ‘70s. You feel carried away when watching this film, as if you had been transported back to those years; it’s like watching a news item that was really shot at the time. The set design never overshadows the narration; on the contrary: it’s so conducive to the story that it feels like it was a documentary filmed back then.

The BASSAN ARTS & CRAFT AWARD will be presented by Giovanna Mezzogiorno.




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