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France 1996 (Betacam, 43', )

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Five years after the shooting of Abbas Kiarostami's film, Close-Up, a documentary team tries to locate its protagonist, Hossein Sabzian. The man explains that he loves the movies and tells the story of how his life has changed since he worked with Kiarostami. His words make it understood that his love for the cinema is so great that it made him sacrifice his work, his family, and his social position just to be able to take part in that world.

Director and screenplay: Mahmoud Chokrollahi, Moslem Mansouri.
Director of photography: Farzin Khosrowshahi.
Editor: Nasrollah Sheibani.
Music: Shahrokh Khadjenouri.
Cast: Hossein Sabzian, Fatemeh Sabzian.
Producer: Mahmoud Chokrollahi.
Play Film, 25 rue du Petit Musc, 75004 Paris, France, tel. +33-1-48049749, fax +33-1-48047006.

Mahmoud Chokrollahi

Mahmoud Chokrollahi (Iran, 1958) worked as writer, literary critic and cinematographer for various reviews in Iran. He debuted as director in 1987 with a fifteen-minute short film. In 1990 he graduated from the Sorbonne in Social Anthropology and Comparative Sociology. In 1995 he founded Play Film in Paris, a company dedicated to film production and distribution.

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Vania, fils de personne (cm, 1987), Close-Up Long Shot (co-regia, doc., 1996).

Moslem Mansouri

Moslem Mansouri (Teheran, 1963) did university study in sociology and began his activity as a film journalist in 1993. Close-Up Long Shot is the first film he directed.

(Updated to the last partecipation to TFF)
Close-Up Long Shot (co-regia, doc., 1996).

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