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Italy 2013 (Blu-Ray, 17', )

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In 1843, Andrea Lezuo, a woodcarver born in Arabba, a town in the Dolomites, leaves for “la Merica” onboard the ship Ehon. Through an anthological collage of heterogeneous audiovisual material, the film portrays the physicality of the voyage, as it traces an experience that is a sort of initiation.

“Compared to the contemporary world, the imagination of that era was less bound by the power of mechanical methods of reproduction, represented by photography, valorized exclusively in its objectifying deviation to the detriment of the other arts. Despite its precursors, cinema, in its path toward affirmation, had not yet achieved the final step for the perfect, realistic, mechanical imitation of man: movement. It would soon do so. In a certain sense, the film tries to relocate that visual dimension which is uncertain, shaky, and at the same time occult, mysterious, alive, and now lost, through a proposed aesthetic that comes about through the mixture of form and non-form, of the knowable and the unrecognizable, of reality and the imagination.”

Giuseppe Boccassini  

Giuseppe Boccassini

Giuseppe Boccassini (Terlizzi, Bari, Italy, 1979) graduated in film theory from the DAMS in Bologna with a thesis on Elio Petri. He then received a degree in film directing from the Nuova Università del Cinema e della Televisione, with campuses at Cinecittà, in Rome, and Alicante. He has worked as a director, cinematographer and editor for film and television in Madrid, and is one of the co-founders of the Gruppo Farfa, a cinematographic and educational project developed in Puglia. His works premiered at numerous international festivals.

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