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Italy 1988 (VHS, 41', )

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Director and screenplay: Ubaldo Canale, Paolo Rossi.
Director of photography: Ubaldo Canale.
Sound: Peppo Rapisarda.
Editor: Ubaldo Canale, Paolo Rossi, Beppe Strina.
Cast: Diego Romanini, Beppe Strina, Sandro Bizzi, Peppo Rapisarda, Zek Baril`, Valentina Nappi, Francesca De Bellis, Maria Vernetti, Carlotta Oddone, Alessandra Bortolami.
Production company: Canale Rossi International, via Cimabue 1 B, Torino.
Italian distribution: Viridiana Studio, Corso Trapani 113, Torino.

Gianni Ubaldo Canale

Gianni Ubaldo Canale, Turinese video maker and director, currently works free lance, mainly for RAI and Fininvest special broadcasts. He also directs and edits historical and sport home videos. He is the founder of Line Out, an experimental workshop on video language. He works there with public agencies on various programs, in which he serves as an instructor for professional training courses. He has produced a vast and heterogeneous body of work in the audiovisual field since 1984. He directed a weekly information bulletin on the performing arts and promotional programs for various Turinese private Tv stations. In addition, he edited the Italia Uno program, Pronto Intervento, as well as some episodes of Rai2's Mixer. He directed numerous videos connected with his personal research, including: Di, A, Da... (1986), Beppe Diego e la punteggiatura (co-directed with Paolo Rossi, 1986), Gli ochi stanchi (1987), Strade strappi e stracomunitari (co-directed with Peppo Rapisarda, 1991), Avanti un altro (co-directed with Peppo and Turi Rapisarda, 1992), and Se volete lasciare un messaggio (1993).

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Paolo Rossi

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