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Brazil 1999 (16mm, 84', )

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Tsutomu, an unemployed youth who never thinks about his future, meets Kiyohiko, who makes ends meet by producing illegal copies of erotic films. The two become friends and start going around together. They spend their time dreaming, without worrying about the real life around them, and without realizing that the world is passing them by. Their life is one endless Sunday; they could change their reality, but monotony wins out.

Director: Yamashita Nobuhiro. Soggetto e sceneggiatura: Mukai Kosuke, Yamashita Nobuhiro. Director of photography: Kondo Ryuto. Scenografia e suono: Maeda Hayato. Editor: Mukai Kosuke, Yamashita Nobuhiro, Maeda Hayato, Kondo Ryuto. Music: AKA-INU. Cast and characters: Yamamoto Hiroshi (Kiyohiko), Uda Teppei (Tsutomu), Koh Riran (Aiko), Maeda Hiromichi (Tadokoro), Imaeda Maki (Sachiko). Produzione e vendita all'estero: Mukai Kosuke, Yamashita Nobuhiro, Maeda Hayato, Kondo Ryuto, Matsumoto Akira per Midnight Child Theater, 2-10-19-621, Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, 533-0003 Osaka, Japan, tel./fax +81-6-64516546, e-mail

Yamashita Nobuhiro

Yamashita Nobuhiro was born in 1976 and studied at the University of Osaka, where he became friends with the young director Kumakiri Kazuyoshi, the author of Kichiku Dai Enkai. His thesis project was the creation of the Midnight Child Theater, whose first production was Hazy Life.

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Donten seikatsu (1999).

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